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Have a look at the IT sector and you will be surprised to see the incredible speed at which the demand for web development services is gradually progressing. Simultaneously, the website development trends companies offering the service follow are continually evolving. The trends which were ruling in 2016 are now considered as archaic. Once you become aware of the latest and promising website development trends, it will become easier for you to choose a company offering those.

Need Website Development In Canterbury? Know The 4 Latest Trends Now

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• Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence or AI was regarded to be just a buzzword. With famous tech giants introducing customised AI technologies, the famous tech corporations are relying on artificial intelligence to improve their services. For example, the search engine algorithms of Google have improved as they are using artificial intelligence. No wonder, it has almost become a trend for businesses to employ Artificial Intelligence in their software services.

• Virtual Reality

The Oculus Rift is considered to be the most famous application of Virtual Reality. VR technology is quite popular in the gaming industry as they have already embraced it. Even famous technology brands like Google and Mozilla are trying to reap the benefits of VR for their products. Facebook is now using Oculus Rift to introduce social interaction in VR. Everyone using this social network can easily interact with their colleagues and friends through the virtual world of Facebook.

• Static Site Generators

A majority of the developers engaged in Website Development in Canterbury are relying on static site generators as it allows them to create a company’s website without any database but only with files running on their server. The second reason why developers choose these generators is that it allows them to enhance the website’s security and the page load times. Websites created through static site generators are easy to deploy.

• JavaScript And TypeScript

The most preferred web development technology for full stack developers is JavaScript because it is used by almost every web-based application. Choosing JavaScript is not the only trend but a web developer willing to become successful the next year should choose CSS and HTML as the basic web development technologies. The capabilities of JavaScript can also be expanded by using TypeScript.

Since you are now aware of the latest website development trends, make sure that your web developer also stays updated.

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